Professional Car Rental Services

Long Term Car Rental

- New vehicles
- Low corporate rates and access to members only discounts.
- Dedicated Account Support Specialist
- Fixed monthly expenditure
- Free registration and insurance
- Free maintenance and replacement of vehicles
- No finance costs and no hidden costs
- Billing Options to suit your company
- Immediate vehicle replacement in case of (Break down, Accident, Maintenance)

Car Maintinance Services

- Facilities to maintain all types of vehicles
- Perform routine service as well as accident repairs

Other Services

Whether you are on the road for business or pleasure, customize your rental car to fit your needs.

Our wide range of rental products offers you both time savings and convenience when you are away from home with a marginal added price.

- Child Safety
- Special Dry-clean (new plastic mats, seat plastic cover, cars air freshener
- VIP treatment
- Tracking system for the vehicle with reports upon request
- On Road wireless Internet Connection